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At Larkin Legal Documents LLC, we take the hassle out of document preparation. Our team in Dade City, Florida is dedicated to providing notary and legal document services with precision and care. We offer a non-attorney service with the correct documents for your matter. We cannot provide legal advice or representation, but we can save you thousands by preparing your documents for you. Leave the paperwork to us, and focus on what truly matters to you.


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Notary Services

Expert notary services to authenticate and legally recognize your documents. Travel available up to 30 miles from Dade City, FL.

Document Preparation

Tailored document preparation services ensuring legal compliance and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for notarizing my documents?

Our notarization process involves verifying the identity of the signing parties, witnessing the signing of the document, and stamping it to confer legal recognition.

How soon can you prepare my legal documents?

The preparation time for legal documents varies based on complexity and requirements. We strive to complete all documents as swiftly as possible without compromising on accuracy.

Do you offer legal advice for specific cases?

While we offer general consultation to determine what forms you will need based on your situation. We are a Non Attorney solution to real life situations that cannot provide legal advice. We recommend seeking a licensed attorney for specific legal advice tailored to your case.

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About us

Larkin Legal Documents LLC is a premier service provider located in Dade City, Florida, specializing in notary services and document preparation. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on simplifying the legal process for our clients, we ensure that every document handled by our team meets the highest standards of precision and legality. Our expertise and dedication make us the go-to choice for all your legal document needs. I am not an attorney; I am a legal document preparer. This means I can prepare legal documents, explain procedure, and give legal information. I CANNOT offer advice or representation.