About Us

Our company was created for those that have situations that require going through the court such as a dissolution of marriage, step-parent adoption, paternity matters, etc., but cannot afford the steep price required by attorneys. In the state of Florida an individual is able to represent themselves, "Pro Se", in their legal matters. However, many do not take this route even for simple cases due to not understanding or knowing what documents are needed or how to complete them correctly. This is the reason behind legal document preparers. 

Our mission is to help you through your legal matters by completing the documents you need based on the factual information you provide. We offer low cost fees for professional self-help legal document preparation service and guidance as well as notary services.

Who We Are

Meet our Owner, Brittany Larkin. 

Brittany understands, from first hand experience, the stress and hardship family matters can put on a person and their loved ones especially when having to pay thousands of dollars for an attorney to do it. This is why she came up with the idea of offering the documents needed for these situations at a cost that is more reasonable for everyday people, especially in todays economy. Brittany is a United States Army Veteran with prior law enforcement experience as well. She has obtained her Associates in Paralegal Studies and has prior history working in family law offices. 

During her time in the law offices she found that many people struggled with the price tag that came along with hiring an attorney. Many issues she witnessed could have been handled by the person themselves if only they knew what documents they needed for their case. It was at this point she decided to leave her paralegal status and become a legal document preparer. Thus, the creation of Larkin Legal Documents LLC.